Flight procedures

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Helicopter join procedures

  • Make your lifting call prior to lifting off the ground and prior to crossing runways.
  • Pilots unfamiliar with Ardmore should avoid using the fixed wing circuit and join or depart via the helicopter sectors. Refer AIPNZ Ardmore pages for preferred flight paths to aiming points
  • If using fixed wing circuit helicopter pilots must conform to the fixed wing circuit altitude and pattern.
  • If lifting off from the southwestern apron, check with Unicom if there is any traffic on final for the grass runway before lifting into the hover, especially when runway 03 is in use. Check Ardmore traffic 118.1 outside Unicom hours of watch.
  • Helicopter pilots must not climb into the overhead from the TLOF. Helicopter TLOF circuit is not above 800ft AMSL. Pilots wishing to conduct autorotation practice from the overhead must vacate the TLOF circuit towards Brookby, re-join at the overhead height and liaise with Unicom and ask if there are any other aircraft joining overhead. If outside of Unicom hours, liaise with circuit traffic if there are other aircraft joining overhead.
  • If joining final for runway 21 seal and breaking off to the right, caution aircraft on final approach for the grass runway 21.
  • All aircraft including helicopters, when wishing to cross the active runway must stop at a mandatory hold point, lookout both ways, give way to aircraft short final and call intention to cross prior to entering the runway.
  • Do not overfly houses, buildings, or stock at low level. Refer to AIPNZ Ardmore pages for noise abatement procedures and circuit training curfew.
  • Please refer to AIP procedures on the following link:

Fixed wing join procedures

  • Pilots unfamiliar with Ardmore Airport (or if the circuit is busy) should join via a Standard Overhead Joining Procedure.
  • For alternative joining procedures visit aip.net.nz
  • Pilots should check Ardmore’s AWIB prior to entering the Ardmore MBZ.
  • Radio calls should be laid out as such: Ardmore Traffic, [Your callsign], [Your position], [Your altitude], [Your intentions].
  • Aircraft joining non-traffic side or descending non-traffic side must remain above 1100ft AMSL by day and 1300ft at night, to remain clear of helicopter TLOF circuit (which operates on the North and Western side of the airport – 800ft AMSL by day and 1000ft at night).
  • For more on join procedures, please see the article on pages 16-22 of AIPNZ AD 1-5-3.
  • For more on Ardmore Airport’s procedures please download the Ardmore Airport Operations manual.


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