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From aviation to engineering, over 100 businesses are taking flight at Ardmore.

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Helicopter pilot alongside a blue helicopter

Ardmore is a thriving hub for a wide range of businesses – including electronic engineering, global repairs and maintenance, aviation services, and more. Many of our tenants have been with us for decades, and each plays a vital role in Ardmore’s growth and success. Both today, and in the future.

Leasing at Ardmore

Ardmore Airport hangers on a clear sunny day

Roughly 20% of the population is within just 30 minutes of Ardmore with major road, rail and air connectivity in the immediate area. This convenience, together with its unique facilities, have made the airport a hive of business activity. Get in touch to discuss leasing at Ardmore.

The Master Plan


  • Primary Roads

  • Secondary Roads

  • Main Site Entrance

  • Stage 1

  • Stage 1 Road

  • Future Stages

  • 10M Native Greenbelt

The information provided is preliminary and based on initial concept plans. Detailed information is planned for release in early 2024. For more information please email [email protected]

Ardmore male aviation technician working on engine
Woman standing in front of helicopter, wearing Ardmore Helicopters uniform
Ardmore aviation technician holding helicopter propeller
Ardmore aviation technician working on helicopter
Ardmore team working on helicopter engine
Ardmore team working on helicopter parts
Ardmore male aviation technician working on engine with tool box in the background
Ardmore airport runway with people and planes on a clear sunny day
Large hangar housing planes with men walking away

Leasing at Ardmore

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