What to do in case of an emergency.

Plane getting ready for takeoff with sunset

Airport + aircraft emergencies

In the unlikely event of an emergency at Ardmore – either in the air or on the ground – here’s how to respond.

Airport emergencies


Call 111 NZ Fire & Emergency and ask for Fire.
Arrange for a suitably experienced person, airport personnel or flight instructor to meet emergency services at the base of the tower Assembly Area.

During Unicom hours:

Ardmore Unicom will activate the Airport Emergency Response plan in the event of an emergency.
Ardmore Unicom will advise that the airport is closed due to an emergency.
Any students operating in the traffic circuit should remain in the circuit and overfly the runway. Students should liaise with their flight instructors for guidance.

Aircraft undercarriage emergencies

It’s Ardmore Airport’s policy that aircraft with an unsafe undercarriage indication should not attempt to land until emergency services are on site.

NOTE: refer to Ardmore Airport Operations Manual – section 12, page 69 – for further information on Airport Emergencies.

Heartsaver AED

You’ll find a Heartsaver AED located at Ardmore Airport Administration Office.