Noise abatement

Being a good neighbour in the sky and on land.

Helicopter pilot in the cockpit wearing a headset

We do what we can to keep noise to a minimum.

To help keep the volume down, we keep a set of curfews in place. We also encourage the ‘Fly Friendly’ programme, which aims to promote a harmonious relationship between Ardmore’s aviation activities and our neighbours’ environmental interests.

Our ‘Fly Friendly’ Policy

  • Be courteous on the radio.
  • Use correct radio phraseology.
  • Be friendly to our neighbours.
  • Do not overfly residential areas at low level.
  • On departure from the runway, maintain runway centreline to 600ft AMSL before turning crosswind.
  • On arrival, establish final runway centreline not below 600ft AMSL.
  • Use full runway length on take-off.


Night training circuit curfew: 

2200–0700 Mon–Sat (extended to 2230 during NZ Daylight Saving)
2000–0700 Sun night – Mon morning

Ex-military jet curfew: 


For more on noise abatement

See page 34 of the Ardmore Airport Operations Manual.