Visiting Ardmore

There’s more to see and do at Ardmore.

Ardmore Café

Enjoy a coffee or light meal while watching aircraft take flight, at Ardmore Café. Located right next to the Auckland Aero Club rooms.

Viewing area

Park up at Ardmore’s viewing area, and see numerous aircraft lifting off and landing on the main runway of New Zealand’s busiest airport.

NZ Warbirds

Ardmore is home to more than 40 classic NZ Warbirds. This fascinating slice of New Zealand’s aviation history is open for the public to visit.

Conferences, driver training + filming

Ardmore Airport’s convenient location and unique setting makes it the ideal location for conferences, events, driver training, and film shoots.


Whether scenic flights or trial flights, business or personal use, helicopters or fixed wing or vintage aircrafts. Ardmore is one of New Zealand’s leading centres for chartered flights.

Ardmore Airport is conveniently close to Papakura, Manukau, and Auckland CBD.

You’ll find the airport located on the corner of Harvard + McBride Lanes, 511 Harvard Lane, Auckland.

The history of Ardmore

Discover Ardmore’s unique role in New Zealand’s aviation story.