Drones & UAVs

All drone and UAV flights require prior approval from Ardmore Airport.

Our drones policy

Permission is required to fly a drone within 4km of Ardmore Airport Boundary.

Applications must be made at least 48hrs prior to drone operation, to allow time for risk assessment and NOTAM warnings.

NOTE: Non-airways airports, such as Ardmore, are not notified when you file a Flight Plan on Airways AirShare website. You must notify us directly at 027 418 8083.

Drone operator requirements

All drone operators must:

  • Have a Remotely Piloted Aircraft pilot certificate issued by a CAA-approved organisation
  • OR hold an aviation Pilot Licence issued under rule part 61
  • OR be operating under a current CAA Part 101 or 102 certificate.

Drone and UAV flight application

[email protected] 027 418 8083

To apply for approval, please fill in the form below. Or email applications and general enquiries directly to: Allan Bostock – Ardmore Unicom Services NOTE: Filling in this form does NOT constitute an approval. Requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Drone flights must NOT proceed without permission and initial contact from Allan Bostock. *Please keep flights as brief as possible **Depending on location and proximity to flight paths (lower reduces potential for conflict with aircraft).

Flight procedures

Ardmore’s procedures and policies are here to ensure a smooth and safe flight.